Can’t stand Divorce? Here are 4 Ways to Explain to Children When Parents Decide to Divorce

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1NEWS, Tangerang —

Parental divorce often sacrifices the life and future of the child. As a result, your little one will feel the stress of having to choose to live with Mom or Dad.

To avoid painful trauma, parents should have a heart-to-heart talk with their child.

Therefore, below are 4 ways you can explain divorce to children, such as reported from 1NEWS, Tuesday (19/4).

1. Choose the right time

When divorce is just a plan. You don’t need to tell your little one. It’s better to say this kind of thing when you and your partner have really agreed to separate.

Make sure you choose a time when the child’s emotions are not in a depressed state, for example, facing a school exam. There is a part of the brain that continues to store bad events.

So when you explain to your child about separation, the wound will probably continue to be stored in his memory.

2. Explain together

Even though you have separated, you and your partner have the same role as parents. Explaining separation to children together can avoid confusion in children.

In addition, children will not only hear one version of the story if both parents explain it together.

According to Paul Coleman, psychologist and author of How to Say It to Your Kids, explaining the issue of divorce together will be able to maintain children’s trust in their parents.

And for couples who have had more than one child, you should tell all the children about this matter, not just the eldest.

Don’t forget to mentally prepare and strategize in answering questions your child might ask when he finds out that his father and mother have separated.


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