Emotional Driver Alia Bhatt Watches Her Employer Wear Wedding Dress

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1NEWS – Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s wedding had passed a few days ago, but to this day it is still being talked about and in the spotlight. Until Alia Bhatt’s personal driver, Sunil Talekar has his own story in this series of most highlighted marriages. Sunil Talekar has been a chauffeur in the Bhatt family for many years. Since Alia was 5 years old, Sunil has served the Bhatt family. From dropping off Alia’s first day of school to Alia’s first day of filming.

No wonder, upon seeing for the first time, his employer was dressed in a wedding dress, and danced with Ranbir Kapoor after the ceremony, Sunil was in tears. He became emotional, like a father who let his child marry.

The driver took a photo on the special day, which fell on April 14, with Alia and Ranbir after the ceremony. He later uploaded it on his social media, and included an expression of his deep heart. “I first worked for them (the Bhatts) when Alia was 5 years old. I accompanied him on the first day of school, until the first day he had to shoot. Alia is my responsibility. She is like my own daughter. I got emotional when I saw her wearing a wedding dress, I couldn’t believe she had grown up and was now a bride. There’s nothing else I can say other than, ‘you look beautiful’.”

Under this upload, it appears that Alia gave a response in the form of a smile emoji, “Thank you, Sunil,” wrote Alia. He revealed that he saw Alia’s growth day by day, from a little girl, growing into a teenager, as an adult woman, sad, tired, heartbroken, to the happiest moment of Alia Bhatt. “This family has treated me like family.”

Even after Alia got married, Sunil said he would still be Alia’s driver. “Yes of course. Where else should I go? Almost all my life, I have dedicated to the Bhatt family. I will always be there for Alia.” Amazing, yes.


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