Fresh Kopyor Ice Recipe for Takjil Menu. Different from the usual Young Coconut Ice!

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ice kopyor

Do you like making takjil at home, but are you tired of the same menu? Well, that’s really okay, you can try to make ice kopyor practical and of course refreshing for iftar!

Besides being fresh and sweet, you can also create ice kopyor with various other menus. One of them is by making fresh ice kopyor with sweet and healthy young coconut.

Well, for those of you who are curious about ice kopyor recipe, then this article is perfect for you. Because, we will share how to make ice kopyor fresh and practical for takjil menu!

Without further ado, here are the easy steps!

Fresh Kopyor Ice Recipe

es kopyor via cookpad

Before we proceed to the steps for making fresh kopyor ice, you must prepare all the necessary tools and materials.

Tools and materials

Here are the tools and materials that you must have in your kitchen to make fresh ice kopyor!

  • Five hundred and fifty milliliters of fresh young coconut water
  • Three hundred grams of shaved young coconut or young coconut kopyor
  • Sixty milliliters of syrup with flavor Coco Pandan
  • Ice cubes to taste, according to your needs
  • serving container

Well, if the above ingredients are ready, then you can go directly to the manufacturing step fresh ice kopyor.

How to Make Fresh Kopyor Ice

Here are the steps you must follow.

  1. Prepare young coconut meat and young coconut water. Next, prepare a glass or serving container that you will use to pour young coconut water. Make sure the glass is full of young coconut water.
  2. Next, pour the syrup into a serving container and add the kopyor coconut along with the water. Then, add young coconut water.
  3. Finally, you can add ice cubes at will. Do not stir the fresh kopyor ice, so that the beautiful color gradation can be seen.
  4. You can also serve fresh kopyor ice as takjil for iftar. You can also put kopyor ice in the refrigerator to maintain the cold sensation.

Well, that’s a practical and fast way to make fresh ice kopyor at home! You can add some other fresh fruits to add to the fresh sensation of ice kopyor. Good luck!

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