Having Fun at Go Culinary Festival Ramadan

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Celebrate the holy month of Ramadan 1443 H with joy with GoKuliner which for the first time presents the Ramadan Festival at Mall Kelapa Gading 5 from April 15 to 24, 2022. The event, which was held for 10 days, presented 30 tenants with many variants of food and beverages. can be tasted to break the fast. While waiting for the Maghrib call to prayer, GoKuliner held a ngabuburit with prizes of free food and drinks for visitors who entered the special keyword “bukberdipergikuliner” in the GoKuliner application and showed it to the event committee.
GoKuliner also prepares free takjil for all visitors to the GoKuliner event
Ramadan Festival.

“GoKuliner shares happiness in this blessed month through the Ramadan Festival by providing free testers at all tenants, free food and drinks via the GoKuliner application, to free Collective Vouchers. So, coming to this event can get a lot of blessings,” said Angel Head of Events for GoKuliner.

Even though it is held during the month of Ramadan, this event is still open according to the mall’s operating hours, which are 10:00 to 22:00 WIB. GoKuliner has provided an area for dine-in where visitors are expected to remain disciplined in complying with health protocols and maintaining cleanliness. Get 50% cashback up to IDR 20,000.00 only for Octo Mobile users during the event.
Going Culinary The Ramadan festival can be a moment to stay in touch with friends and relatives while tasting various culinary delights from the following tenants, Dimsum Benhil, Baby Crab Idola, Bagonar, Bakmi Naga, C Bakes Café, Chicago Popcorn, Chicken Twings, Dapur Ronde Mka, Dawetan Yuk, Empal Gembrot, Rolls, Hotpiece, Ini Burger, Kongkow Coffee, Laksatiam, Le trois Jus Bar, Mad Bagel, Menchi Katsu Kazu, Onigiri Toiro, Pablo El Tacos, Pempek Metro Atom 99, Pempek Selamat, Raja Se’I, Roti Srikaya Ajung , Sate Padang Ajo Ramon, Sate Taichan Bang Maman, Sprouts Farms, Sushimoo, Tubo, and Which Bite.


For more information, please contact:
Aprilia – 082120112344 | [email protected]

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