Held the Al-Qur’an Burning Action That Triggered Swedish Riots, 5 Anti-Islamic Stram Exchange Controversy

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Held the Al-Quran Burning Action which Triggered Swedish Riots, 5 Anti-Islamic Stram Exchange Controversy - Photo 1

ACCURATE.CO It’s been 4 days in a row a number of cities in Sweden have been hit by mass riots. The incident stemmed from a plan by the right-wing Danish party, Stram Kurs, led by Rasmus Paludan to stage an action to burn the Koran. No doubt, clashes broke out on Thursday (14/4) to Sunday (17/4) in places where they planned to hold the action, including in the suburbs of Stockholm, Linkoping, and Norrkoping.

Stram Kurs which means ‘Hard Line’ was founded in 2017 by Rasmus Paludan in Denmark. The leader himself is full of controversy and this is not the first time the party has staged actions that have provoked Muslims in Denmark and Sweden. Similar riots have erupted before because of their actions.

Compiled by 1NEWS from various sources, these are 5 Stram Kurs controversies that often provoke Muslims.

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1. Founded and led by Rasmus Paludan


This far-right party was founded in Denmark in 2017 by a lawyer named Rasmus Paludan. He also became its leader, although his figure was full of controversy.

In a December 2018 video, Paludan was recorded saying, “Islam and Muslims are enemies. It is best if there is not a single Muslim left on this earth. That way, we will achieve our ultimate goal.”

In June 2020, Paludan was sentenced to 1 month in prison for various offences, including racism. His lawyer title was also revoked for 3 years and a fine of 40,000 krona.

The 40-year-old man was jailed for 14 days in 2019 for racist speech. After that, he was sentenced to an additional 2 months of probation after being found guilty of 14 offenses regarding racism, defamation, and dangerous driving.

In 2013, Paludan was ordered to ban him for 5 years from approaching a 24-year-old man he had followed since 2010. At the time, they were both studying at the University of Copenhagen. Even so, Paludan continued to harass him, then in 2015 he was fined for offending the officer in charge of the case.

In 2021, an investigation by the Danish newspaper ‘Extra Bladet’ revealed that Paludan had sexually communicated via the Discord platform with underage boys, aged 13-17. He did not deny these accusations, but denied any wrongdoing.


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