Hipwee Premium Now A ‘Squad’

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Hipwee Premium Kini Menjadi ‘Skuat’

Hi SoHip!

It’s been almost 1 year that Hipwee Premium has accompanied your steps.

During that time, we share a lot of things—from content written by popular creators to opportunities for us to get to know you better.

One thing we definitely want to tell you….thank you very much!

And now, we are here to provide more diverse and useful facilities for you!

Come on, join the Squad by hipwee!

‘Squad by hipwee’ is a place that can help you find talent and a positive circle.

What will you get by joining ‘Squad by hipwee’?

  1. FREE access to exclusive facilities to develop yourself
  2. Access to exclusive kulwap
  3. Free access to exclusive events
  4. Access all Hipwee content WITHOUT ADS
  5. Exclusive content from popular creators

and many other facilities!

You can imagine, privileges What will you be able to enjoy?

Come on, join subscribe to ‘Skuat by hipwee’ for only IDR 12,000 for a 1 year subscription!

Subscribe now via this link bit.ly/langgananhipwee2

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