Hooked ‘Colok’ Here and there, Vicky Prasetyo Leaks the Right Way to Be Safe For this, Kalina Oktarani’s Ex-Husband: Supported by Potions!

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1NEWS, Depok —

Vicky Prasetyo’s ability to make love has been recognized by many women, Vicky Prasetyo is also known to have many techniques so that every woman who becomes his partner is always satisfied with the service provided.

Investigate a calibaration when he was about to start making love, he did not immediately undress and ‘plug in’, but Kalina Oktarani’s ex-husband did several things which he thought were important for mutual satisfaction.

Apparently Vicky Prasetyo before penetration set three things first, including setting the mindset first, then doing breathing techniques and regularly consuming ingredients from Mak Erot that can increase stamina.

Here I share a little, yes, our mindset is number one, besides that it is also supported by this (herb), there are also techniques like breathing and mind,” said Vicky Prasetyo, quoted from various sources.

In addition to the techniques he learned, according to him, Mak Erot’s medicine is also one of the important things because it can increase stamina, even as a result of him consuming it regularly, he has made his ex-wife orgasm up to 21 times.

Valid, valid. A lot of people say that’s it, this is it, so it’s our mindset that is like that in the end, we doubt it. Like my ex-wife, I can’t mention it but sometimes someone came out 11 times, even on that special day she admitted 2 times, she was 21 times“I’m Vicky Prasetyo.


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