Horror Stories Knock on the Door, the culprit is a mysterious creature

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1NEWS – Introducing, my name is Rudi Ardiansyah. I will share the horror story of the knock on the door terror that happened in my village.

The knock on the door happened several years ago. Terror happens every midnight.

When the residents began to lay down from their daily activities, the terror emerged. There was banging on the door like someone was asking for help.

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The knocking on the door sounded very real. However, when the door was opened, it was empty, no one was there.

Initially, residents thought the terror was carried out by random people. However, it turned out that the residents were wrong.

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I proved it myself. The perpetrator of the terror knocking on the door was not a fad.

It started with my desire to catch the terrorists themselves. At midnight, I hid behind a haystack next to the house.

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After a few minutes of waiting, I heard a knock on my door. Slowly I looked towards the house.


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