Ichal Muhammad Skins Affiliate Money Laundering Tricks: Indra Kenz deserves to go to Turkey, get out of prison, get rich again

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Ichal Muhammad [Instagram/@ichalmuhammad91]

Ichal Muhammad’s explanation surprised Feni Rose.

Ade Wismoyo | Rena Pangesti

Tuesday, April 19, 2022 | 10:03 WIB

1NEWS – Actor Ichal Muhammad exposed an affiliate’s trick of hiding his money. There are at least three ways that the soap opera 7 Man Harimau explained.

The first is related to the contract of buying and selling goods. Someone who has made the transaction, the money can be predicted to be safe.

“I bought the car, Ros, which means that we have a sale and purchase agreement,” said Ichal Muhammad, quoted from the Feni Rose YouTube channel, Tuesday (19/4/2022).

He continued, “I brought the car, I gave the money to Ros. Later (one day) I returned the car, the money was returned. It was clean, because there was a contract.”

Feni Rose was taken aback. He admitted that he just found out that this is how someone does money laundering.

It didn’t stop there, Ichal Muhammad uncovered the second trick, paying for the services of a lawyer.

Ichal Muhammad [Instagram/@ichalmuhammad91]

“At least PPATK can detect lawyer fees because of services,” said Ichal Muhammad.

No matter how much money, it becomes a fee for the service provider and is difficult to tinker with.

“I got TPPU, my lawyer Feni Rose, I gave Rp 100 billion. This is a service, I want Rp 100 billion, Rp 1 trillion, it’s a lawyer fee,” he said giving an illustration.

Lastly save money abroad. Ichal Muhammad said there was access using a USB that could be used to launch the action.

“Buy a Google USB, the most expensive price is IDR 2.5 million. Rent a locker at a Turkish bank, about a dozen dollars per year,” said the actor.

“You go back to Indonesia, imprisoned for 5 years, (after your release) go to Turkey, use the iris code, you can get rich again,” he explained.

This video was then re-uploaded to the @tante_rempong_official account. Warganet then linked Ichal Muhammad’s words with what Indra Kenz did some time ago.

“It’s no wonder that Indra Kenz is ‘treating’ to Turkey first,” said @rettyfahri.

“Indra Kenz first went to Turkey, maybe he saved money. Get out of prison, fly to Turkey, be rich again,” said @dwiutd.


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