Iftar Schedule Tuesday 19 April 2022 and Five Benefits of Hunger | 1NEWS

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First, hunger can cleanse the heart and increase intelligence.

Second, hunger can make the heart soft and clean, so a person will be easy to feel the pleasure of persistence in dhikr and its benefits.

Third, hunger can get rid of arrogance, feelings of happiness, and disbelief which is the beginning of wrongdoing.

Fourth, hunger makes a person not forget the trials and punishments of Allah, and not forget those who accept the trials. On the other hand, people who are full often forget the fate of those who are tested by hunger.

Fifth, hunger can make someone able to conquer lust immorality and control the lust of anger (lust that drives someone to negative things). This is the greatest benefit of hunger. For Al-Ghazali, the root of immorality is lust and the power to fulfill them, and both of them come from food.

The following is the schedule for breaking the fast for 17 Ramadan 1443 H or Tuesday, 19 April 2022 for Jakarta and 4 other cities.

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