Jay Park Uploads a Photo with Jungkook BTS at the Music Studio, Will a Special Project Release? | Kpop Chart

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One of the musicians from South Korea, Jay Park, recently stirred up BTS fans through the latest posts via his personal Instagram.

On Tuesday (19/04), Jay uploaded several photos of himself together maknae from BTS, Jungkook, seemed to be in a studio.

“Even at the top, he remains humble and has thoughts of continuously improving himself… indeed a man who deserves respect… and he is even very good at boxing,” Jay Park wrote in Korean to caption the post.

Then Jay Park continued in English, “After meeting Jk (Jungkook) I can feel why they are getting so much love. humble, ambitious and talented.”

In addition to being excited about the interaction between the two, there are also allegations that fans of the two are working on a joint project, seeing the background of the photo in the music studio.

You can see the closeness of Jay Park and Jungkook BTS through the Instagram post below. (1NEWS)

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