Kartini Dies After Giving Birth Due to Preeclampsia

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Raden Ajeng (RA) Kartini’s birthday is celebrated every April 21. Behind his figure, there is a sad story related to the cause of his death. Kartini died after giving birth at the age of 25 years. She died 4 days after giving birth to her son, Raden Mas Soesalit Djojoadhiningrat. Check out the story of RA Kartini’s delivery below.

Kartini Dies After Giving Birth, Evidence of the High Maternal Mortality Rate

Kartini died after giving birth

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Kartini was born on April 21, 1879. She is known for her letters which were published into a book entitled “After Dark Comes Light”. His transcendent mind earned him the title of a national hero. Her birthday is then commemorated to remember the struggle of a woman in achieving independence.

Behind his brilliant figure, there is a sad story about his death. He died on September 17, 1904 at a very young age, namely 25 years. Various reliable sources said that Kartini died 4 days after giving birth due to preeclampsia.

Kartini’s death reminds us of the death of a mother which is still a scourge for most women. In her letter dated October 11, 1901 to her pen friend Estella Zeehandelaar, Kartini told that in her era every year around 20 thousand women died in childbirth.

“And 30 thousand children were born and died because of inadequate assistance for maternity women,” he wrote in the letter. She wrote the letter when she received an offer to attend a midwifery school.

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Kartini Dies After Childbirth, Preeclampsia Is the Cause

Kartini died after giving birth

Source: Liputan6.com

What Kartini wrote is proof that maternal death is a serious problem that has occurred since ancient times until now. Ironically, the problem that caught his attention was himself.

Based on the news circulating among doctors, Kartini died of preeclampsia. This condition is caused by high blood pressure which usually afflicts pregnant women with a gestational age of more than 20 weeks.

“Kartini died after giving birth due to preeclampsia. His blood pressure rose and he had a seizure,” said a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, Ardiansjah Dara, quoting from the website. CNN.

One of the factors that increase the risk of preeclampsia is pregnant women who are more than 40 years old or even less than 20 years old.

As we know, Kartini married at the age of 24 years. He was married by the Regent of Rembang, KRM Adipati Ario Singgih Djojo Adhiningrat who already had 3 wives.

In general, the cause of this condition is still not known with certainty. Preeclampsia is usually characterized by narrowing of blood vessels. In addition, factors such as nutritional deficiencies, twins, to diabetes, lupus, hypertension, or kidney disease also increase the risk of developing preeclampsia.

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4 Factors That Cause High Maternal Mortality Rate

Kartini died after giving birth

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Kartini is remembered as a hero who fought for women’s rights and independence. Her death is also a reminder that maternal mortality in Indonesia has been a problem for a long time.

Quote from CompassHere are 4 facts about the current Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) in Indonesia:

1. Definition of AKI according to WHO

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), what is classified as maternal death is death during pregnancy or 42 days after delivery. Cases of maternal death are categorized as AKI if the cause is related to pregnancy and not due to accidents or other things.

2. MMR in Indonesia

In 1990, there were 390 women who died every 100,000 births. Then in 2015, this figure decreased to 305 deaths per 100,000 births.

In 2017, the World Bank recorded that there were 177 maternal deaths in Indonesia per 100,000 births. This figure is still relatively high and even ranks as the 3rd highest MMR in ASEAN.

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3. Causes of AKI

RA Kartini died in 1904 due to preeclampsia. One hundred and seventeen years have passed, the main factors causing AKI in Indonesia are still the same, namely bleeding and high blood pressure. Other factors that cause AKI are infection, unsafe abortion, and complications.

4. Other Causes That Are Often Underestimated

In addition to health factors, AKI is also caused by other factors that are often underestimated. Among them are underage pregnancies, pregnancy distances that are too close, not getting a pregnancy check-up, inadequate transportation, and socio-cultural factors.

Not a few pregnant women who died because they had to wait for the husband’s decision regarding access to health. Likewise with the lack of information about reproductive health.

Parents, Kartini died after giving birth at a very young age. Hopefully his passing can be a reminder that we want to pay more attention to the health of the mother and fetus, yes.

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