Manju Singh Passes Away, This Is His Honor In Bollywood

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Manju Singh Passes Away, This Is His Honor In Bollywood

Sad news coming from the world of Bollywood. Veteran Indian producer and artist Manju Singh passed away on Thursday 14 April 2022 due to a stroke.

Quoted from NDTV, Manju Singh died at the age of 73 years. Manju Singh’s eldest daughter, Suparna, confirmed that her mother died at her residence. “He died of a stroke on Thursday at around 10:00 at his residence,” said Suparna.

Manju Singh’s funeral procession was suspended on Saturday as he waited for his grandson to arrive from New York.

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Manju Sing Passes Away, An Honorable Footprint Of A Career In The Bollywood Industry

Manju Singh is no ordinary person in the land of Hindustan. She is a well-known producer and actress with a series of works that have received great attention from the public. Among them are Swaraj, Ek Kahani and Show Time.

Among his colleagues, Manju Singh is also respected because his works highlight many social and cultural issues, such as Adhikar, Samyaktva: True Insight.

The woman who was born in 1948 is one of the pioneers in the Indian television industry which consistently produces quality programs.

Manju Singh is remembered as “didi”, the host of the children’s program, Khel Khilone whom he led for 7 years. His talent was recognized and well nurtured by the eminent filmmaker, Hrishikesh Mukherjee in the film Gol Mal.

quote WikipediaManju Singh debuted as a television producer in 1983 with Showtheme, the first sponsored show on Indian Television.

A career in the television industry, Manju Singh knows that motion pictures have the power to not only entertain and inform, but also educate.

For this reason, Manju incorporates messages of socio-cultural content to open the public’s eyes to valuable programs.

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Contributing to the World of Education Through Work

One of them is Lesson in the Dark which reaches children and young adults directly in their classrooms to touch the world of film that engages their imagination, sparks their creativity, respects their intelligence and connects them with global culture.

Manju Singh Passes Away, This Is His Honor In Bollywood

This program provides quality education in values ​​and life skills in an informal setting and has become an integral part of the school curriculum. This was successfully carried out in various IB, IGCSE, ICSE, SSC and CBSE schools in Mumbai and Delhi.

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Because of his concern for education, Manju Singh is regularly invited by the International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults and education forums from across the country to hold capacity building workshops for principals, teachers and students.

That’s the news about Manju Singh passed away and his work as an actress and producer who cares about education in India. May you rest in peace, Manju Singh.


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