Melaspas “Layon” Freezer House for Mataram Hindu Krama – 1NEWS

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newsbali/ist/Melaspas “Layon” Freezer House for Mataram Hindu Krama.

Coinciding with Rahina Purnama, last Saturday (16/4), the South Mataram Village (Karang Medain), Mataram City carried out the Pemlaspas ceremony for the layon or corpse house, for local manners.
There are two freezers used by krama patent (his family died, ed) free of charge. The use of freezers for the dead among Hindus, especially in Mataram, is increasingly common.

During layon (corpse) at home before the funeral procession (ngaben) while waiting for duasa (good day). What used to be a formalin (corpse) layon, has now switched to being stored in the freezer. In addition to fresher corpses, the cost of formalin is also relatively expensive, almost IDR 1.5 million.

“The high cost of formalin is a burden for people who have patents (their families died), especially the poor,” explained Engineer Made Slamet, builder of the Mataram City Canang Trade Association, who is also a member of the NTB DPRD council, Tuesday (19/4).

Made Slamet, who is also the Chairman of the DPC PDI-P of Mataram City, explained that seeing this condition, a corpse freezer was programmed to be procured. Collaborating with the Kebendesa in Mataram City, as a manager so that the cleanliness and sanctity of the freezer is maintained.

“So far, there have been two Kebendesaans that have organized them. They are the South Mataram and North Mataram Villages. Each Village has two freezers complete with the cost of the storage building (freezer house),” explained Made Slamet.

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