Nah! Called Many Artists Sleep, This Figure Unloads Chandrika Chika’s Rates Once Sleep With Masher: Congenital Puput!

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

The impact of being dragged into a beating case that makes Siregar’s Son and Rico Valentino in prison, disgrace Chandrika Chika one by one the netters were peeled off on social media.

Later, the former lover of Tariq Halilintar was reportedly often slept with by many artists. In fact, there was one netizen who threatened to reveal any artist who had made love with Chika, if the TikTokers were reluctant to speak out about the Putra Siregar case.

It didn’t stop there, but recently the tariffs charged by Chika once slept with a masher. This was revealed by the @mamahitsss_original account.

In his upload, the account owner uploaded a screenshot of one of the netizens’ comments unmasking Chika. The netizen said that Chika had indeed slept with a masher several times.

He also dismantled the rates Chika had set once on a date with a masher. Surprisingly, the netizen also dragged the name uput Soedrajat who also took part in Chika’s ‘profession’.

“Chika is not a virgin anymore. Chika once slept with a masher who was born with Puput and was paid 20 million,” the sound of comments written by the @sil.fiando account.


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