Netizens mocked Vivian Hsu’s level of education, this is the response that hit her friend

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1NEWS – Taiwan star Vivian Hsu (47) is busy preparing for her concert at the Taipei Arena, Taiwan, which will be held on 7 May. The concert plan brought Vivian into the spotlight and some netizens even gave cruel comments about her singing ability. Not only that, there were also netizens who mentioned the singer’s education.

This made Vivian’s best friend, Ding Ning, defend herself. “With all the negative comments about Vivian’s voice, one criticism that really pisses me off is that she’s not highly educated!” Ding Ning (51) wrote on his Facebook account.

“Do you know why (he didn’t continue his studies)? It was for the sake of getting first place and winning a motorcycle in the talent show he had participated in,” Ding Ning wrote.

For your information, Vivian started her career in the entertainment world after winning the Taiwan Talented Beautiful Girl competition in 1990 when she was only 15 years old.

Ding Ning continued: “She comes from a single parent family, and her mother, who has to raise three children can’t pay the rent on time, so (Vivian) wants to help out with the family expenses.”

“He felt that earning money for his family was more important than studying then because he could always go back to school later. (You) have to really think before criticizing others. Such success doesn’t happen by chance,” Ding Ning added.

And that is right. Vivian did continue her education and eventually graduated with a master’s degree from Shih Hsin University.

Ding Ning who was super supportive of Vivian then ended her post by sending her congratulations to Vivian for her upcoming concert.


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