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PSSI responded to a lawsuit filed by several people regarding the degradation of Persipura Jayapura. The national football federation expressed its readiness to face the problem.

There are four names that have sued PSSI, namely Emilianus Tikuk, Yan Piet Sada, Yulianus Dwaa, and Paul Finsen Mayor. They submitted it to the Central Jakarta District Court under number 211/Pdt.G/2022/PN Jkt.Pst since April 14 and until Monday (18/4) the status of the case is the appointment of a bailiff.

The lawsuit arose because they felt there was something odd about Persipura going down caste. Besides PSSI, they also sued Persib Bandung, Barito Putera, and David da Silva for alleged elephant football.

In their lawsuit, they asked for the cancellation of the results of the 34th week of last season’s Liga 1 match between Barito Putera and Persib. The match ended with a 1-1 score at the Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium on March 31, 2022.

As a result of the draw score, Persipura’s 3-0 victory over Persita Tangerang was in vain. Mutiara Hitam will still be relegated to Liga 2 next season due to a head to head loss to Barito Putera who collects 36 points.

Not only that, they requested that the Barito Putera versus Persib match at least be held again and watched by the audience offline. They also want David to be banned from playing in Indonesia for life.

“PSSI has no problem if someone wants to sue. Because every Indonesian citizen has the same rights. We are ready to face the lawsuit,” said PSSI secretary general Yunus Nusi, quoted by the federation’s official website.

PSSI felt strange about the lawsuit because it was not the management of Persipura who submitted it. Moreover, in its statutes it never knows individuals, but only knows its members. PSSI also has its own dispute body called the Judicial Body.

Yunus ensured that the results of Liga 1 2021/22 could not be changed. Persipura, Persiraja Banda Aceh, and Persela Lamongan were the clubs that were relegated, while the teams that rose to the caste of Persis Solo, Rans Cilegon, and Dewa United.

“So the League 1 team that was relegated to League 2 and the League 2 team that was promoted to League 1 is already final based on the official competition held by PSSI and PT Liga Indonesia Baru (PT LIB),” he said.


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