Psstt… These are 3 Enjoyable Sex Positions in the Bathroom, Can Be Done Before Sahur!

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1NEWS, Bekasi —

During Ramadan, not a few couples have trouble managing time to have sex. Finally, many couples choose to be ‘absent’ for a month.

In fact, you and your partner can still have sex comfortably and safely, you know. You both have to be good at managing time and finding the right sex positions.

Well, here are some sex positions in the bathroom that you can try at midnight or before dawn, as reported by Bustle.

Sitting position

This position is quite easy but one must be careful. The trick is that the man sits on the edge of the tub, then the woman sits on it. To be more enjoyable, try to explore the clitoral area.


First, make sure the bathroom floor is not slippery or you can use anti-slip. To do this position, you and your partner stand facing each other, then you bend over.

Lift one leg

You can do sex activities in the bathroom, by lifting one leg. How to do it, you only need to stand facing your partner and then lift your feet to stand on the bathtub or the edge of the sitting closet, making it easier for couples to penetrate.

Come on, try Moms!


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