Raping monitor lizard, four people in India arrested

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1NEWS – Four people in India have been arrested and charged with raping a monitor lizard.

Not only that, they also kill, cook, and eat reptiles that are included in the endangered species in India.

Launching The Times of India, Tuesday (19/4), they were arrested by the Maharashtra Forestry Department, India, in early April for an alleged case of trespassing into the core zone of the protected forest of the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve.

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During the examination of evidence, the authorities found that one of the defendants took a picture of himself raping a monitor lizard.

The Forest Officer, Vishal Mali, said that the defendant had violated the Wildlife Protection Act 1972.

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Not only that, the authorities also found photos that the four suspects were hunting other animals, such as rabbits, pangolins, deer, and porcupines.

A hunting gun, two motorbikes, and batteries were also seized by the Forestry Department.

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Mali says that the act of raping animals is a serious act that is dangerous for humanity.


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