Ratna Sarumpaet ‘Easy’ Calls Lies Not Criminal, Deddy Corbuzier Hits the Checkmate Table Atiqah Hasiholan’s Mother: Mother Who Speaks!

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Deddy Corbuzier mother’s checkmate Atiqah Hasiholan, Ratna Sarumpaet, with the statement he made. Deddy seemed to disagree with Ratna Sarumpaet’s statement which said that lying is not a crime.

Ratna Sarumpaet was discussed some time ago due to the case of spreading false news. Recently, he made another appearance in public by appearing as a guest star on Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube channel.

On September 21 2018, Ratna Sarumpaet caused an uproar in cyberspace with her confession that she was abused by an unknown group of people, causing bruises and trauma to her face.

This persecution was then associated with politics because at that time Ratna Sarumpaet was in a position to support one of the parties. But as it turned out, the persecution was a lie. Ratna Sarumpaet’s face was actually bruised because she had plastic surgery.

As a result of the lies he had committed, he was then imprisoned for 2 years for the case of defaming fake news or hoaxes.

However, in the upload to Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube channel, Ratna Sarumpaet admitted that the sentence she received was not balanced because according to her, lying is not a crime.


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