Reasons for being blacklisted by television stations? Nikita Mirzani’s Ulcers Revealed Behind the Camera: Lack of Morals

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1NEWS, Bogor —

Nikita Mirzani is again creating a sensation and being gossiped about because of his attitude while behind the camera.

In a video circulating, it appears that Nikita Mirzani paid a certain amount of money to the seller to buy the food.

But shortly after filming ended, Nikita threw the food. Seeing this some crew tried to catch him but to no avail.

The food wrapped in plastic then fell and hit her breasts.

Seeing the strange action of the Nyai, the crew who had just finished filming also commented.

“Eh uh, the food,” said some of the crew. But unfortunately Nyai ignored the comment.

After the food fell, Nikita ran away and left him as if nothing had happened.

No doubt the video immediately flooded with various comments from netizens.

“Yes, even if it’s in front of the camera, bro, don’t be like that, food is made as a toy, it’s hard to find a mouthful of rice now,” commented one netizen.

“Just asking, when did he have manners?” asked another netizen.

“You have no morals @nikitamirzanimawardi_172,” said one netizen.

“Those who said it was shooting, the throwing position was already CUT,” another netizen was surprised.


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