Ridho DA Finally Admits His Wife Is Pregnant – Latest Celeb News

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Ridho Syafaruddin alias Ridho DA finally admitted that at this time, Syifa Aisyah Fauziah, his wife was pregnant. However, he did not want to divulge how many months his wife had been pregnant.

“It’s better to take care, just don’t be too tired and often go down stairs,” said Ridho DA recently.

Ridho DA only revealed that his wife is like most pregnant women. Syifa Aisyah Fauziah had cravings when she was 2 months pregnant.

“I had cravings in the second month. I really want peuyeum, tape,” he said.

Unfortunately, what the wife wants is very difficult to get. The food is just delicious and according to taste if you get it in your hometown.

“I haven’t gotten a good one, I really have to go home,” he concluded.

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