Rizky Billar Wrath of His Son with Lesti Kejora Threatened with Witchcraft

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1NEWS – The couple Rizky Billar and Lesti Kejora don’t just have a lot of fans. They also have quite a lot of haters.

They often spill insults, insults, and insults on Billar and Lesti on social media. Later he even targeted his son, Muhammad Leslar Al Fatih.

Like a recent incident, uploading a photo of Lesti with her son on Instagram reaped the ridicule of haters. Some of them even liken it to an animal.

Not only in the Instagram post column, the attacks of insults from haters also reached Billar and Lesti’s DM (direct message). Billar did not stay silent.

“Just wait… I can’t be silent when it’s a child’s business,” said Billar, who married Lesti in a serial manner before being inaugurated in August 2021.

Billar is not just a bluff. He had done it some time ago when Al Fatih was still in the womb, there were haters who threatened to cheat. Billar moves quickly to make a report to the Police.

“When Lesti was pregnant, there was a person who we reported to. The person made threats, through posts. (The perpetrator threatened) using or cheating on our child who will be born at that time,” said Billar on Maia AlElDul TV’s YouTube channel.

Billar was relieved that his report was responded to quickly and that it wasn’t long before the threat was caught. “Many people don’t know, Billar said here, that the person has actually been arrested.”


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