Rumors Sleeped by a Number of Artists True? Circulating Chandrika Chika’s Intimate Video with this Man, Netter: Here and there!

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Chandrika Chika’s celebrity is in the spotlight. He was accused of being the cause of Putra Siregar and Rico Valentino languishing in prison.

Referred to as the woman who caused the beatings to occur, netizens also skinned Chika’s ulcers.

Not only about the beatings, Chika’s personal life is also threatened with being exposed by netizens.

“@Chndrika_ don’t want to speak up about the case, bro @putrasiregarr17? Did you dance with them? Why are you silent? They defended you even though they were imprisoned. Why don’t you tell the real story?” wrote netizens.

In fact, the person threatened to expose Chika’s disgrace, who was said to have slept with a number of artists.

“You want to be opened to the public, which artist have you slept with,” he threatened.

As rumors circulated about Chika having slept with several artists, now also circulating a video showing Chika with Rico Valentino.

In the upload to the @insta.nyinyir account, Rico Valentino is seen holding Chika’s cheek.

The video showing the intimacy of Tariq Halilintar’s ex-girlfriend was immediately invaded by netizens.

Many end up giving cynical comments because Chika looks close to many men.

“Here and there, want,” wrote the account @anjanijkxxx

“Yeah, it’s cheap,” commented @beauty_lins_xxx

“The one at the lizard’s club must be investigated,” said @jhenong_xxz

“Rico what do you have to do with him,” said @anitanurxxx

“Poor Rico chose the wrong girl,” commented @tikaayuxxx


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