Syifa Fauziah Pregnant with First Child, Ridho DA Craving: Wants Peuyeum

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Ridho DA and wife.  (Instagram/da2_ridho)

Ridho DA revealed that his wife, Syifa Fauziah, was pregnant.

Ade Wismoyo | Muhammad Azy Aminullah

Tuesday, April 19, 2022 | 14:18 WIB

1NEWS – Ridho Syafaruddin or familiarly called Ridho DA finally announced the news of the pregnancy of his wife, Syifa Aisyah Fauziah.

However, Ridho DA seems reluctant to tell about Syifa Fauziah’s gestational age.

“Be more careful, just don’t be too tired and often go down stairs,” said Ridho DA, quoted from YouTube Warta Hot.

Ridho DA and wife. (Instagram/da2_ridho)

Syifa Fauziah, who is pregnant with Ridho DA’s first child, is known to have had cravings in the second month of pregnancy.

“I had cravings in the second month. I really want peuyeum, tape,” he continued.

Ridho DA revealed that the tape that the pregnant mother wanted was hard to find.

“I haven’t got a good one, I really have to go home,” he said.

Approaching Eid in 2022, Ridho DA emphasized that the return to hometown activities will be carried out in rotation every year between Medan and Garut.

“Per year, yes. This year to Ridho, later next year Ridho will go to his wife’s hometown,” he said.

Related to this, some netizens also gave various comments and responses.

“Good luck Ridho,” wrote one netizen, “Pregnant young should get plenty of rest,” another netizen said “Hopefully the birth goes well,” said another netizen.


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