The Bar at Seseh Beach Managed by a Traditional Village, The Only One

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newsbali/ist/Bar at Seseh Beach Managed by a Traditional Village.

The Chairperson of Seseh Tourist Attractions (DTW) who is also the manager of Bali’s Seseh Sunset Bar, Putu Agus Ambara Putra, said that his party only developed 1 bar in Seseh and did not open permits for other bars. It aims to maintain the beauty and keep the environment away from the impression of krodit.
“DTW Seseh is only developing one bar at this time and in the future,” he explained, Monday (18/4).

“We don’t want our place (Seseh Beach DTW) to be the same as other places with lots of bars which will eventually lead to unhealthy competition. It would be nice if there was a Bar belonging to the Traditional Village managed by the Village,” he said.

The only bar on Seseh Beach which was founded in 2019 is according to the instructions of Jro Bendesa Seseh Village which is to create a bar business belonging to the Traditional Village. The consideration is that you don’t want to look bad because of the large number of bars that will make it difficult to control.

“So far, the community is all supportive, we involve the Traditional Village community to jointly maintain tourism in Seseh. In addition, guest responses, they are happy because there is only one in Bali with the concept of a Bar owned or managed by a traditional village,” he explained. .

Some guests even donate money to help build the bar. So far, every time there is an event the Bar continues to contribute to the Seseh Traditional Village.

Writer : Great Big Great

Editors : I Komang Robby Patria

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