“The Club Only Makes Promises” – The Reason Egy Maulana Vikri Cs Resigned From FK Senica | 1NEWS

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Eight players from FK Senica along with coach Pavel Sustr and one of his assistants said they had left the team after the management only made promises about paying off their salary arrears.

In the follow-up match of the Slovak Superlig against his guest, Liptovsky Mikulas, last weekend, Senica fielded many academy players. As a result, Senica who competed at home had to swallow a crushing 3-0 defeat.

This was due to eight players and two coaches resigning from the team. Based on the composition of the players in that match, there were no names for team captain Juraj Piroska, goalkeeper Matus Chropovsky, Egy Maulana Vikri, Witan Sulaeman, Petr Pavlik, Cyriaque Mayounga, Marko Totka, and Ioannis Nachos.

Previously, Vaclav Svoboda, Lukas Kucera, and Filip Orsula had gone on strike in the past month. Actually, a number of players also wanted to follow in the footsteps of the three colleagues, but finally decided to keep appearing.

However, the management did not show signs of fulfilling their promise to pay off the salary arrears that had been submitted one month ago until after the match against Pohroni. The peak of frustration exploded at the weekend before the duel with Liptovsky Mikulas.

“There was no follow-up from the club’s management, so we decided to resign. We’ll see what happens now. Some things are fulfilled, and some are not. As a result, [kami] it is impossible to go further,” Piroska explained to Sportnet.

“You could say the situation hasn’t changed since then, and it’s been going on for a week [setelah laga melawan Pohronie].”

Piroska explained that the management had tried to hold the eight players and two coaches to stay afloat and go through the game. But players don’t want to play for free.

“Of course they tried to keep us going, but we were adamant. Everything could have changed if steps were taken for the player, but nothing was realized. Everyone can play for free, but I don’t think it’s the right solution,” Piroska said.

However, Piroska admits that this decision to withdraw is not final. However, they will change their decision if management fulfills their rights in full.

“We will see. Of course that statement could be retracted, but now is the time to be assertive. They have to be able to give a signal. Not just words, but concrete actions,” said the 35-year-old player.

“Not yet [ada rencana menggelar pertemuan dengan manejemen]. Now it’s vacation time. But we’ll see what happens in one week.” (Goal.com)


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