The Council of Asatidz Ma’had Sengon Cinere Explains the Recipe for Getting to Heaven in the Month of Ramadan

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ACCURATE.CO For the umpteenth time, we celebrate the month of Ramadan with a pandemic atmosphere. This is certainly a problem that must be faced by Muslims. Therefore, Muslims must be able to cultivate themselves in dealing with several problems.

As in a hadith narrated from Ibn Abbas RA, the Prophet Muhammad SAW said: Aljannatu Musytaqotun Ila Arba’ati Nafarin, Taalil Qur’an, Wa Haafidzii oral, Wa Muth’mimul Jii’an, Wa Shooimiina Fi Syahri Romadhon.

Meaning: “Paradise longs for four groups of people, namely those who like to read the Qur’an, those who guard their tongues from vile and evil speech, those who feed the hungry, and those who fast in the month of Ramadan.” (HR. .Abu Dawud and Tirmidhi).

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Responding to the above Hadith, the Council of Asatidz Ma’had Sengon Cinere Ustaz Ramandrawata S Ag explained that in the current era of globalization, Muslims are always haunted by various problems such as economic, social, health and so on. Therefore, in the Hadith, it provides a solution that there is something of value that Muslims must achieve, namely a longing.

“But what do you miss here? Is to chase the longing for heaven from Allah SWT,” said Ustaz Ramandrawata in the 17th Day of Ramadan Kultum 1NEWS, Tuesday (19/4/2022).

Ustaz Ramandrawata then explained, about the four groups that Allah SWT longs for in heaven.

First, Taalil Qur’an, namely those who read the Qur’an.

“Especially in this holy month of Ramadan, let’s work together more and more to read the Qur’an. Don’t let our Al-Qur’an become a display,” he said.

Second, Wa Haafidzii verbalnamely those who guard their tongues.

“How do we process our words so as not to hurt other people’s hearts. How do we get used to saying beautiful words, wise words so that they become role models for our families, for our brothers and sisters,” he explained.

Third, Wa Muth’mimul Jii’annamely those who give food to people who are starving.

“Not only food, but also moral and moral assistance. So that in this holy month of Ramadan, don’t let our brothers go hungry, some find it difficult to find food or break their fast. Let’s share together in this holy month of Ramadan, ” he said.

Fourth, Wa Shooimiina Fi Syahri Ramadhannamely those who fast in the month of Ramadan.

“Don’t let young people get carried away by association and forget to fast in Ramadan. Parents, children, let’s train them to fast in the holy month of Ramadan,” said Ustaz Ramandrawata. []


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