The harshness of Jakarta, my life is always never enough

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1NEWS – My name is Dinda, I haven’t been back to my hometown for a long time. I currently work in a private company.

I really miss my hometown, friends, and family back home.

But what can you do, life in Jakarta is very hard and it is very difficult to earn money.

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In fact, I’ve changed my job 10 times. I’m ashamed to go home with nothing.

I am also ashamed if my friends who know that I live in Jakarta actually underestimate my work.

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Sometimes I feel sad, why my salary is never enough to live everyday.

In fact, I was never extravagant and always saved a little demo so that I could give to my parents.

I am currently exhausted from fasting. In this month of Ramadan I hope to get more sustenance.


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