The most delicious hot scene with Wulan Guritno or Dea Panendra, Jefri Nichol’s answer is surprising

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1NEWS – Jefri Nichol succeeded in stealing attention through the film Jakarta vs Everybody. In the film being screened on the online cinema platform, Jefri, who plays a nomad named Dom, has to act intimate scenes with Wulan Guritno (Pinkan) and Dea Panendra (Khansa).

Who is the most delicious between Wulan and Dea, Jefri Nichol said, “There is no one that is the most delicious, really. Both are delicious. Both are fun. One with Mbak Wulan, one with Sis Dea.”

Incidentally, after filming Jakarta vs Everybody, a 23-year-old boy admitted that he had watched Dea’s acting in the film Marlina The Murderer in Four Acts (2017). “I’m a big fan of sis Dea in that movie.”

Jefri claims intimate scenes with Dea are hotter. Dea is really called Jefri. “That’s cool, sis Dea, you are really brave to do a scene like that,” said Jefri, who was caught in a drug case.

Wulan called Jefri no less cool than Dea. Even though he already has children, Wulan doesn’t mind doing intimate scenes with Jefri, who is the same age as his daughter, Shalom.

“I’m Shalom’s age,” he said.

For the deepening of the character, Jefri said that there was no “how about it.” Only when he was with Dea he admitted he was nervous. There is a fear in Jefri that he will not be able to develop Dea’s acting.

“I’m afraid that his acting will be messy. Luckily he’s comforting me, ‘It’s okay, I know you can do it.” It’s really good,” said Jefri.


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