The story of converts: I used to hear Al-Fatihah, I got Islamic guidance

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1NEWS – Hi, my name is Dio Romano, now I am legally embracing Islam. However, I did not change my name after becoming a Muslim.

I really like my name because it was a gift from my father since I was born. Even though I was born into a Christian family, I am now a Muslim.

The decision to convert to Islam began when my mother remarried to her father, who is a Muslim. In the end I decided to go with them.

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However, I am quite happy because I can become a Muslim. Since childhood I was accustomed to Islamic religious rituals.

In fact, since elementary school I have remembered Al-Fatihah. So, being a Muslim I will enjoy forever.

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Regarding Ramadan, of course I fast because I am a Muslim. I also really enjoyed the moment of breaking the fast.

At home, my family usually makes fried food, buys rice cake, and makes fruit ice.

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Fasting in my opinion is the same as refraining. Because, fasting is not just to hold back hunger and thirst.


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