The Story of Inaki Williams, The Athletic Bilbao Striker Who Has Played For 6 Seasons

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“Doesn’t know the word injury…”

1NEWS – Injuries are usually a serious problem for a footballer. Not only does it have to be pulled over, it’s not uncommon after being able to play again, the player’s performance level becomes different. But what about a player who rarely gets injured? Is he always the first choice? Not necessarily.

Maybe as an exception Athletic Bilbao striker, Inaki Williams, can be used as an example. Just imagine this player from Ghana has never missed a single match in the Spanish League in the last six years.

According to Transfermarkt’s records, the 27-year-old last missed playing for Athletic Bilbao in the Spanish League, on 17 April 2016 against Malaga. At that time Inaki was absent due to a thigh problem.

Inaki was played as a starter when Los Leones lost 0-2 at home to Celta Vigo in Week 32 of the 2021/22 Spanish League, last Sunday (17/4).

That way, so far Inaki has undergone 227 matches in a row, in which 189 of them appeared as starters with a record of 53 goals and 36 assists. According to a Sportbible report, Inaki Williams is currently the player with the record for the most consecutive games in the history of the Spanish League.

So far with Athletic Bilbao, Inaki has won the Spanish Super Cup twice, namely in the 2015/16 and 2020/21 seasons.

And so far this season, Inaki is struggling to bring Athletic Bilbao to compete on the European stage. As far as 32 weeks have gone, Bilbao is in the middle of the board, precisely at number 8 with a collection of 45 points.

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