Tired of Syahrini?! Reino Barack Shares His Wife’s Bad Habits: Often Asks…

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1NEWS, Brass —

The couple Syahrini and Reino Barack, who have been married for 4 years, are often in the spotlight, especially Syahrini is still often associated with Luna Maya, her husband’s ex-girlfriend.

That’s because the marriage of Syahrini and Reino Barack suddenly gave rise to the public’s assumption that the singer of ‘Something’ stole a girlfriend from Luna Maya, it’s no wonder that until now Syahrini still gets gossip.

Investigate a calibaration, not too long ago Reino Barack was able to reveal about his wife’s shortcomings, which he thought had become a bad habit. It was explained by Reino that the woman who is often called Inces often asked to be accompanied, even though Reino Barack was busy.

“For Syahrini’s shortage, eating must be on time. Get up early, eat on time, eat midday, have to be on time. It’s normal, just married asking for company. Even though maybe I’m also busy, “said Reino Barack.


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