Very Mood Booster! These 6 Zodiac Signs Are Smart To Make People Laugh

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1NEWS – Everyone loves someone who can crack jokes and has a great sense of humor! Having funny people around us can make the mood cheerful.

Based on astrology there are 6 zodiac signs that are called the funniest. This is the zodiac as revealed by Timesofindia


They are good at making up stories that often turn out to be funny. An Aquarius is also good at adding humor to what other people have to say. That makes them a favorite in the neighborhood.

Pisces use humor to bring themselves out of tragedy or bad times. They try to create a good and happy life for themselves and the people they encounter. To this end, they may make jokes or try to act funny.


Geminis may be able to come up with a lot of jokes or funny stories, but they’ll still use the same old jokes to bring things around them a little bit alive. This sometimes always works but sometimes it doesn’t.

Leos have great observing skills. They spontaneously crack jokes depending on the situation they are in. This is done to distinguish the nature and character of other people.

Virgos are good at cracking jokes or saying something funny when it comes to money or anything financial. They like to add humor to any discussion related to money or finances.

Sagittarius have an outspoken nature and they express their thoughts regarding the situation they are in or the discussion they are in, whatever that may be. This attitude makes them one of the funniest signs of the zodiac because they crack jokes a lot.


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