Viral Crazy Rich Builds Road, Grobogan Regency Government Refuses to Be Cornered

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1NEWS – Regional Secretary (Sekda) Grobogan Regency Moh. Soemarsono appreciated the crazy rich Joko Suranto’s step in building a road with his personal money.

To build a road 1.8 kilometers long, 4.5 meters wide, Joko had to spend Rp 2.8 billion.

“We appreciate his generosity in helping the 1.8-kilometer district road,” said Soemarsono, quoted by, Monday (18/4).

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Regarding the slanted news that the Grobogan Regency Government was unable to build roads and got out of hand, Soemarsono denied it.

According to him, the road connecting Jetis Village to Nampu and Telawah villages has become a concern for the Grobogan Regency Government.

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Maintenance has been routinely carried out by the relevant agencies, while waiting for a total construction in 2023.

“Indeed, the total development has not been touched, only minor maintenance, so that it can still be passed,” he explained.

On the other hand, continued Soemarsono, the Grobogan Regency Government also regretted Joko’s request for being too fast.


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