Whyte: Fury Says Disgusting Things Because His Mouth Is Like a Toilet

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1NEWS, British heavyweight boxer, Dillian Whyte, admitted that his fight with WBC world champion, Tyson Fury, was not a balanced fight in terms of negotiations. Whyte was forced to sign a contract in which he disagreed with a number of clauses, especially in terms of payment.

Even so, Whyte said that he did not want to impose his will in the situation. However, he promised to retaliate even harder if something was forced against him.

“Risk is always there. But it’s a shame because, if everything was done properly, we could have had a great game. It’s still a big game but it should be more massive,” said Whyte as quoted from The Guardians.

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“I’m not a pusher. If you put in the effort and put pressure on me, I won’t stand idly by. I will fight back ten times over.”

Whyte will face Fury for the WBC title at Wembley Stadium, London, England, 23 April. Once familiar with Fury, so far Whyte refuses to appear in media conferences and accuses his opponent of talking too much.

“Me and Tyson have been good for a long time. I didn’t say anything about him and he didn’t say anything about me. Then he suddenly started talking a lot of ‘trash’. He’s going to say some really disgusting things because his mouth is like a toilet,” Whyte said.

Whyte also highlighted the absence of British judges in the fight against Fury even though they are fellow British boxers. The Jamaican-born boxer suspects that the selection of non-British judges is likely to win Fury if the fight ends in 12 rounds.

“I know who I’m up against. People say I have to knock[Fury]down to win but, for me, it’s all the same. I’m ready to take any risks,” Whyte said.

Whyte also realized that the match would be filled with Fury supporters but he ignored it. “I am a fighter and my way of thinking is clear. I know there will be pro-Fury supporters but who cares? I’ve become underdog my whole life,” Whyte said.[]


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