Wife’s Birthday, David Beckham Even Celebrates With A Strange Greeting Card

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“Instead of being romantic, David Beckham has his own way…”

1NEWS – The soccer-celebrity couple, David and Victoria Beckham, have always been inseparable from the camera. Whatever they do can always be a conversation starter.

Not long ago, Victoria, celebrated her 48th birthday. As the wife of a football legend with a handsome face, many think that David Beckham is a romantic, especially in special moments.

Maybe yes, but in celebration of his wife’s birthday this time, Beckham even acted mischievously. According to Victoria’s confession, there was a birthday card given by her husband. However, instead of being filled with romantic elements, the greeting card actually featured a random photo of Victoria in the toilet.

The greeting card shows the former Spice Girl personnel apparently passed out in the bathroom and curled up in the toilet.
And the photo he shared with more than 28 million followers on his personal Instagram.

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“I love my birthday card, David Beckham,” Victoria wrote exasperatedly.

But Beckham’s birthday greetings for his wife are not only through greeting cards that can be said to be strange and nosy. The ex-Manchester United and Real Madrid also uploaded a photo of himself and his wife while enjoying a romantic moment.

“Happy birthday to the most incredible wife, mommy and businesswoman. Have a nice day because you deserve it. We all love you so much,” Beckham wrote.

Their romance began when they met in early 1997. Then, the two started their relationship as husband and wife in July 1999.

And now they have four grown children. Three boys and a girl. One of Beckham’s children, namely Romeo, followed in the footsteps of his father’s career in the world of football. Romeo strengthened the United States club, namely Inter Miami which incidentally is also owned by Beckham.

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