With Farhat Abbas Support, Doddy Soedrajat Ready to Enter Politics? Netizens: Demo Team…

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1NEWS, Bogor —

Farhat Abbas was asked to accompany Mayang in the case he was experiencing, namely defamation.

Not only that, Farhat Abbas also had time to nudge H. Faisal’s family.

However, as if looking for a sensation, recently a photo appeared that said Doddy Soedrajat and Farhat Abbas were ready to run for the presidency and vice president in 2024.

This can be seen from the @instajulid Instagram account, but not only photos but also contains the 4 visions and missions of the candidate pair.

1. Every child born must be tested for DNA, even if it is a biological child.

2. All those who defend me, I will appoint a minister

. Any income related to donations must be returned to the state.

4. All netizens who don’t side with me, I will take legal or criminal proceedings.

The post was also captioned by the owner of the Instagram account.

The account owner then asked netizens about the voting rights he had.

“Golput or do you continue?” wrote the owner of the Instagram account that uploaded the photo of Farhat Abbas and Doddy Sudrajat.

Suddenly the post was commented on by netizens.

“Demo team min.. Please send these 2 people down… Let gc press it,” wrote @_atiqa

“Creative, make it laugh,” wrote @soccah_a.w


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