6 Facts about the Viral Mother Stab Video, This is the Real Event!

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mother stabbed child video

Some time ago, a video of a mother stabbing her child for waking up for sahur shocked the virtual world. The video was first uploaded to the TikTok account @Mhmmdrefol on Sunday (17/4/2022). An unnamed girl was crying hysterically clutching her injured neck.

“Information from a local resident, this child was stabbed because he woke his mother at dawn,” the video caption reads.

Later, it was discovered that the incident was a hoax. The actual events are not as narrated. Here are the facts!

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6 Facts about Mother Stab Videos that are Viral

1. The video of the mother stabbing the child is definitely not true

Source: TikTok

East Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Pol Budi Sartono has clarified that the incident of a mother slitting her child’s throat was a hoax. Launch Voice, the actual incident was that the mother with the initial Y was cutting rice cake for sahur with a small knife. Then, he accidentally injured his daughter’s neck.

“Sister Y was preparing to eat sahur with her son M. Then Y cut the rice cake with a small knife and accidentally hit the neck of her son who was nearby, causing blood to bleed,” said Budi Sartono.

Panicking, Y immediately left the house and asked the residents for help. Then someone recorded it and shared it on social media.

2. No Serious Injury

M’s daughter only had minor injuries and was treated by a team of doctors at Pondok Gede Haji Hospital. He was immediately sent home after receiving treatment. In fact, M immediately clarified on his TikTok account that the video was just a hoax.

“Sister M only suffered minor injuries and was given betadine and went straight home. He has also provided a video clarification on his TikTok account that the viral news is not true or a hoax,” explained Budi.

3. Clarification of the Child Called Mother Slit

mother stabbed child video

Source: TikTok

M’s son, who is said to have been slashed by his mother, has also made a clarification video. He called the incident untrue and just a misunderstanding between himself and his mother.

“I am the woman in the video. I want to clarify this video that what happened to me in the video was just a misunderstanding between me and my mother,” said M in his clarification.

Looks like M’s chin is still bandaged. He said he was fine and only suffered minor injuries.

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4. The video uploader of the mother stabs the child is arrested by the police

The police immediately hunted down the man with the initials MRA (23) who was suspected of being the spreader of the hoax video. MRA was immediately taken into custody for questioning. The perpetrator said he did not intend to spread false news.

“Meanwhile, according to his confession (MRA) he was not there (intentionally making a hoax). He was spontaneous (making a narration),” said Cipayung Police Chief, Kompol Bambang Cipto, as quoted by Merdeka.

MRA made a narration based on his own assumptions after seeing the wound on M’s neck. He then spontaneously said the child was slashed by his mother for waking up sahur.

5. Secured as a Witness

6 Facts about Mothers Stab Videos

Source: Pixabay

The narrative of “the child is slashed by the mother” is a narrative made by MRA itself. The motive, he wanted the evil mother was immediately arrested by the police. The perpetrator is now detained at the Cipayung Police. Currently, his status is still limited to witness and there has been no determination as a suspect.

“Still a witness,” said Bambang Cipto.

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6. Perpetrators Returned After Mediation

Currently MRA has been sent home by the police after mediation with the family. The perpetrator apologized and has regretted his actions. He admitted that he had caused a stir in the community due to his negligence.

“The point is, I have apologized for my carelessness and did not cross-check (information),” said Bambang as quoted from Jakarta Tempo.

Moments after the video went viral, the perpetrator had also deleted the uploaded video. He immediately uploaded a clarification video on his TikTok account and apologized for the mistake he made.

Those are the facts about the viral video of a child who was slashed by his mother for waking up sahur. It turned out that the news was not true and made a rowdy. So, don’t easily believe unconfirmed news, OK!


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