7 facts about cervical cancer vaccines that will be mandatory – 1NEWS

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The Indonesian government through the Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin ensured that the Indonesian people were obliged to get the cervical cancer vaccine. The news was delivered directly by Budi Sadikin.

The function of the human papillomavirus vaccine is to prevent Indonesian women from getting cervical cancer which is one of the deadliest diseases in Indonesia. The following are the facts that the government will require the cervical cancer vaccine:

1. Cervical Cancer Vaccination Program has been started since 2021

This vaccination has been held since 2021 in several areas. However, it will be declared mandatory in 2023.

2. Free HPV (Human Papillomavirus) Vaccine

This vaccine is free of charge for Indonesian women. This policy facilitates the achievement of overall health and prudent prevention of the presence of HPV.

3. Vaccination targets are girls aged 10-13 years

The government targets female primary school children who are the target of mandatory vaccination. Meanwhile, groups of adolescent and adult women can vaccinate independently and at a cost at health facilities.

4. HPV/cervical cancer vaccine is important before marriage for women

The HPV vaccine is a form of prevention.

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