9 Celebrations of Players That Become Disasters

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“From the back flip to slumping using the knee.”

1NEWS – Celebrating goals and club wins is indeed one of the most joyous moments in football. However, not a few players celebrate excessively so that it often becomes a disaster and harms themselves and the club.

On that note, let’s take a look at the 9 celebrations of players who were unfortunate:

9. Steve Morrow

Steve Morrow celebrates victory in the League Cup final in excess. His success is indeed rare and not all players can feel it. Morrow was presented with a rare opportunity after completing Arsenal’s comeback against Sheffield Wednesday in the 1993 League Cup final.

The former Northern Ireland international was greeted by Tony Adams. After he jumped, he ended up slipping which resulted in Morrow falling to the ground. A badly broken arm meant that Morrow missed the medal presentation and the FA Cup final the following month.

8. Lomano LuaLua

LuaLua is known for his trademark somersault celebration but vowed he won’t until Portsmouth are safe from relegation in 2005/2006. He was warned about the risk of injury as a result of his celebration.

Finally, LuaLua scored an important goal against Arsenal. Bringing his club to avoid defeat, but could not lift Pompey out of the relegation zone. They remained in the bottom three on goal difference, but after scoring the equaliser, temptation greeted LuaLua for his trademark celebration, and he soon picked up an injury.

“I felt a sting in my ankle when I landed. I shouldn’t have done the flip. But I got carried away when I scored against Arsenal,” he said.

Harry Redknapp said: “He was still doing some somersaults three times without realizing he had hurt himself.”

7. Ian Harte

When Harte scored against Deportivo in the 2001 Champions League quarter-finals, the left-back became the physical manifestation of the free-kick he had just taken. A fireball of adrenaline and intensity, Harte burst into the crowd.

Picked up the corner flag to continue the celebration, but he fell and couldn’t rearrange the corner flag back to the way it was.


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