Agnez Mo Introduces Pempek and Devil’s Claw at American Events, Netter: Proud to Be a Pempek Seller!

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Singer Agnez Mo appears at the International event Street Food Taste Test on the YouTube channel YouTube Good Mythical Morning quite famous in the United States.

The video footage was re-uploaded to the Instagram account gossip_gossip, Agnez Mo and the two hosts of the event initially discussed pempek. Smoothly, Agnez explained the raw materials for the typical Palembang culinary.

“Pempek is made from fish meat mixed with tapioca flour,” said Agnez Mo in English.

On that occasion, Agnez Mo said that pempek is one of his favorite foods for a long time. This one food is best eaten with vinegar sauce.

The three then tasted the pempek that had been served. One of the hosts admitted to being amazed by the taste.

Besides pempek, devil’s claws were also discussed at the event. Agnez Mo explained that the spicy food came from Malang. The two hosts then took one claw each. One of the hosts said the chili aroma from the culinary was quite stinging.

Netizens are busy commenting on the video. They are also proud because Agnez Mo brings Indonesian cuisine to the international scene.

“Hehe, so proud of selling pempek,” commented one netizen.

“Pempek go international, payo bukber eat pempek,” another comment.

“All rendang, tunjang, beef jerky, chicken curry, pop chicken, soto padang, sate padang are really delicious foods that are Indonesian people’s favorites,” added another netizen.


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