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Bali United midfielder Ahmad Agung Setia Budi feels lucky to be on the same team as Brwa Nouri. Although, he had to compete with him in Serdadu Tridatu’s midfield.

Brwa Nouri is a role model for Ahmad Agung. Not surprisingly, he called the midfielder from Iraq as one of the best foreign players belonging to Bali United.

“Everyone knows how a Brwa Nouri is on the pitch,” said Ahmad Agung as reported by the club’s official website, Monday (18/04/2022).

“In my opinion he is the best defensive midfielder in Liga 1 this season,” added the player born in Demak.

Good Player

One of Brwa Nouri’s strengths, according to Ahmad Agung, is his ability to explore every side of the field. It is also supported by good passing quality.

“The mission of the game is very good, the pass is accurate and the cruising range is very good,” Ahmad Agung added.

“I feel lucky to be on a team with Nouri and there are many things I can learn from him,” said the former PSIS Semarang player.

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Apart from Brwa Nouri, Hariono is also considered a role model. Ahmad Agung also learned a lot from the former Persib Bandung player.

“They (Brwa Nouri and Hariono) are my role models for learning,” said Ahnad Agung.

Ahmad Agung himself is confirmed to remain in Bali United’s uniform next season. He is one of the players who extended his contract with Serdadu Tridatu. (Bola.net/Mustopa El Abdy)


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