Airing May 19, 2022, “Srimulat: The Impossible Hill” Raises the Glory of the Legendary Comedy Group

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1NEWS – Movies Srimulat: The Impossible Hill is scheduled to premiere on May 19, 2022 in Indonesian cinemas. Set in 1981, the film, which was the result of the first collaboration between MNC Pictures and IDN Pictures, tells the story of the heyday of a comedy group that became one of the pioneers in the world of performances in the country.

The group’s long history, which began with folk performances, has produced many top comedians in the country and were well-known in their era.

The release date of the biopic film was greeted with gratitude by Teuku Rifnu Wikana, who plays Asmuni’s character.

“Finally the movie Srimulat: The Impossible Hill could be coming soon for Indonesian film connoisseurs. With the dedication of the entire crew and cast involved, I am sure this film will be an extraordinary work. We know how Srimulat had a great influence on the Indonesian comedy world and became a source of inspiration for comedians of various genres. Therefore, this film will be a bridge for the public, especially the younger generation, to be able to recognize who Srimulat is,” Rifnu said while talking to reporters recently.

Historically, the Srimulat group has experienced ups and downs. But there is an implied thing that is always shown by the personnel, namely a unity. Comedy has always been considered as a medium to unite society.

“I hope this film will not only give laughter, but also give meaning. It will not only entertain Indonesia, which is tired due to the pandemic, but also make us reread the meaning of unity through Indonesian, just like what Srimulat was fighting for through his comedy,” said Fajar Nugros. who is trusted to direct the film.

There are many positive things from Srimulat’s journey, starting to form until its ups and downs in popularity. It is hoped that Susanti Dewi, Head of IDN Pictures, can inspire the audience.

“We hope that the spirit and impact that the Srimulat group has given to this country, we can feel and celebrate together when the film is released in theaters,” said Susanti Dewi, Head of IDN Pictures.

Apart from Teuku Rifnu Wikana, the film Srimulat: Hil Yang Mustahal also stars a number of well-known players, such as Ibnu Jamil, Morgan Oey, Indah Permatasari, Rano Karno, Dimas Anggara, and a number of other players.


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