Alvin Faiz Clarifications About Returning Children on the Roadside – 1NEWS

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Alvin Faiz was again in the spotlight because of the way he sent his son, Yusuf to Larissa Chou, accused of not using a conscience. Dropped by the side of the road and between the nurses, Alvin and Henny Rahman did not get out of the car and the nurse immediately ran after returning Yusuf to his mother’s lap.

Excited about the news, Alvin Faiz finally gave a clarification. The eldest son of the late Ustaz Arifin Ilham straightened out that he was even forced to send Yusuf home because that day he heard the news of his grandmother’s death.

The clarification was delivered by Alvin Faiz through his Instagram account, Wednesday (20/4/2022).

“It was only recently that Sindur (Mount Sindur) immediately received news of grandmother’s death. Immediately all the families in Sindur went to Sentul, until Sentul at 18.30,” said Alvin Faiz opening a statement.

Alvin Faiz explained that he couldn’t let Yusuf stay at his house because he was worried that no one would look after him. Because, he was assigned to be the priest of the funeral prayer and take care of the needs of the corpse to Aceh.

“Why did I send Yusuf back? I was assigned to be the priest of the funeral prayer, take care of the corpse, receive guests, even until two o’clock at night, then my grandmother was buried in Aceh today,” he said.

“If I don’t send him home, no one will take care of Yusuf at home. Because I will be busy until the evening and I am preparing to fly to Aceh at three in the morning, now thank God I am in Aceh,” he continued.

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