Anies Baswedan Proud of JIS Stadium in front of Atletico Madrid and Barcelona players

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ACCURATE.CO DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan smiled with satisfaction seeing the splendor and uniqueness of the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) stadium. Moreover, one of the new icons in Jakarta was immediately tested by European clubs who traveled to Persija’s headquarters.

Two European clubs, Atletico Madrid U-18 and Barcelona U-18, underwent the final match of the International Youth Championship final.

In the welcoming session, Anies said, JIS is proof of many proofs that Indonesia is a great nation because it is able to present colossal works, works that are not only of national level, but also worldwide. The statement was based on the fact that the stadium was designed and built by Indonesian children.

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“This is a historic day for all of us. This stadium explains that Jakarta is the largest megapolitan city in the Southern Hemisphere and as the capital city of ASEAN. This stadium is expected to provide a bright future, as well as being part of an important journey in the history of the Indonesian nation,” he said. Governor Anies in his remarks, on Tuesday (19/4/2022) night.

Anies revealed that there is high motivation in the JIS development process. According to him, JIS was built with the spirit of pursuing perfection in a development process.

That enthusiasm proved not in vain, said Anies. JIS has set many records in the world of construction and will become a new benchmark that other nations in the world must pursue. In addition, he also added, this JIS was built with full respect for nature.

“We are part of nature and we carry out development by protecting nature through the Platinum Green Building predicate. Thus, this has been our commitment since the beginning of the JIS design,” he said.

Anies added that the JIS stadium was designed in a futuristic style. The stadium should not be a burden to nature and the environment. Therefore, in its construction, the stadium has considered aspects of environmental balance.

“This should not be a burden to nature, but this should be an example of a building that actually supports nature conservation,” concluded Governor Anies.


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