Ardi Idrus Approaches Bali United, Ricky Fajrin OTW Semarang, Teco Gives Up | 1NEWS

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Bali United coach, Stefano Cugurra, relaxed about the issue of the departure of players who had expired contracts.

Unmitigated, 12 Bali United players out of contract as of March 31, 2022.

Not long ago, the management of Bali United extended the contract of senior duo Hariono and Fadhil Sausu, and confirmed Ahmad Agung Setia Budi’s contract status from a loan to an official contract after his contract ended with Persik Kediri.

“It’s natural in football. This situation occurs when the player’s contract runs out,” said Coach Teco to the Bali Tribune, Monday 18 April 2022.

In addition, there are also rumors of the name of the former Persib Bandung wing-back from Ternate, Ardi Idrus who is predicted to move to Bali United.

In response to this, Teco again handed over to management to announce who the players were in and out of.

Ardi Idrus is projected to replace Ricky Fajrin, whose contract has expired on March 31, 2022.

Reportedly, Ricky Fajrin and his family in Bali had departed to Semarang by land.

He drives his car with his baby and wife.

Ricky and his family’s departure from Bali to Semarang is approaching Eid al-Fitr in early May.

The whereabouts of Ricky Fajrin in Semarang have not yet been confirmed due to rumors that he was recalled by PSIS Semarang.

Because Bali United is certainly not willing to move the figure of this first generation of players. Ricky’s negotiations with Bali United’s management are reportedly still ongoing.

The Bali United squad plans to return to training on May 10, 2022, in preparation for the AFC Cup on June 27 at the Dipta Gianyar Stadium in Bali and the new Liga 1 season in July 2022.

Regarding the continuation of Ricky Fajrin’s contract at Bali United, Teco is still reluctant to divulge the outcome of the negotiations. Is it terminated or will it be extended.

Teco resigned, and handed over everything announced by the management of Bali United.

“There are always issues, that’s the football situation. Regarding the players coming or leaving, let the management tell the information,” he said. (Balinese Tribune)


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