Arya Saloka Highlights the Bad Love Bond Storyline: While Being a Viewer

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Arya Saloka's post (

Arya Saloka gave a reaction about the storyline of the Bond of Love which was considered unreasonable.

John Endra | Dea Dezellynda Madya Ratri

Wednesday, April 20, 2022 | 15:26 WIB

1NEWS – Arya Saloka reportedly left the soap opera ‘Ikatan Cinta’. The reason is that Arya Saloka, who plays Aldebaran, is said to have disappeared in a plane crash.

Through Instagram Story, Arya Saloka uploaded a horrendous post. Princess Anne’s husband uploaded a screenshot of a netizen discussing the bad script of ‘Love Bond’.

“So the priority is Reyna’s custody or Elsa’s sentence reduction? Or because you’re already embarrassed about Elsa’s remission legal material, so now #IkatanCintaBadWriters insists on changing the case? Asking because maybe you’ve been watching too much,” wrote a netizen.

Other netizens were seen writing opinions about the ‘Love Bond’ storyline which was considered to be increasingly unreasonable.

Arya Saloka’s post (

“Why do you have to be in a love bond? This is the same as making love bonds underestimated in the eyes of the public because we thought that love bonds were different from other Indonesian soap operas, it turned out to be the same,” wrote another netizen.

When sharing the opinion of netizens about the ‘Love Bond’, Arya Saloka wrote a statement that made salfok. He apparently dares to share the opinion of netizens because he is now a spectator of ‘Love Bond’.

“While you are still a spectator, you are welcome to post once in a while,” wrote Arya Saloka, who allegedly satirized the writer of the Love Bond script.

Not only Arya Saloka who complains about the storyline ‘The Bond of Love’ which is called far-fetched. Amanda Manopo also often throws scathing satire.

‘The Bond of Love’ itself first aired in 2020. Almost 2 years, the soap opera that aired on RCTI has not yet ended.


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