Asked about her desire to remarry, Angelina Sondakh prefers to complete worship

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Angelina Sondakh (

Angelina Sondakh was asked about plans to remarry. Want to prioritize Keanu and worship.

Nur Khotimah | Dea Dezellynda Madya Ratri

Thursday, April 21, 2022 | 05:00 WIB

1NEWS – Angelina Sondakh became a widow after Adjie Massaid died. She has to struggle to support her three children as a single parent.

When he was active as a politician, he actually stumbled on a corruption case and ended up serving almost 10 years in prison. Grateful, languishing in prison actually made the woman called Angie closer to the creator.

While chatting with Ashanty, Angie revealed the reason for not wanting to remarry. She feels that finding a partner who accepts the existence of her children is not an easy thing.

“Ouch, actually yes and in fact every woman wants a priest, only at this moment my partner has to accept Keanu,” said Angie, quoted from channel Asix YouTube podcast.

Angelina Sondakh (

“I’m afraid he can’t accept Keanu, he can’t accept me who still has to serve his parents and I try not to disappoint other people,” he added.

But the 44-year-old artist did not close his heart to remarry. Now he just wants to focus on improving his worship.

“So it’s not me, not yet (time)…. There is also a song ‘I don’t want to fall in love first’,” said Angie.

Wanting to have another priest, Angie revealed the criteria for the husband she wanted. She wants her husband to become a priest and accept himself as he is.

“But to perfect worship, so I thought, ‘Oh Allah, I want to have a husband to complete worship.’ But not to perfect my heart, the important thing is that I can worship,” said Angie.

“But it’s not too much time, the important thing is that I don’t want to burden him, but he doesn’t burden me,” he continued.


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