Aulia Sarah Transforms Into Invisible Creatures: It’s Fun, Not Human

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1NEWSCommunity Service Program in Dancer Village which opens in theaters from April 30 to become the first film Aulia Sarah in 2022. The involvement of the woman who is familiarly called Aul in KKN began with information provided by her manager, Fafa.

By Fafa, he was told about the casting of a horror film based on a viral story on Twitter, it had even been recorded. Fafa said Aul said the story was really good.

Aul not react. He even asked back, “Huh what is that? Community Service Program in Dancer Village.’ He admitted that he really did not follow the viral KKN at that time. “I have no idea What is that.”

Honestly Personally, I’m not really interested in horror stories. Better I’ll skip it deh (if there is a horror story),” he continued in a virtual interview with recently.

Want to try, before casting Aulia Sarah asked for a few days to do some story research Community Service Program in Dancer Village and also Badarawuhi characters on Twitter, YouTube, and Google. “Let I I’m not stupid, very casted,” he said.

With a little knowledge, Aul was cast and unexpectedly selected from several candidates to play the character of Badarawuhi. What is the consideration of MD Pictures in choosing it, Aul himself does not know for sure.

“I personally have never played in a horror film. Yes, maybe I was given the opportunity to be able to play in a horror film. I feel that way,” said Aulia.

It’s debut Aul with MD Pictures as well as his first horror film. “And immediately became the ghost,” he proudly.

Aulia admitted that she was happy to get Badarawuhi’s character. The first time he played horror, he got an invisible character.

“This is very unusual. I’m not human. Because I’m not human, I can explore my character with my own imagination. It’s fun. Getting this character, I think, is like a challenge,” said the 30-year-old actress.



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